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Web Hosting in Nepal | Windows | Linux

We are your one stop solution for all of your web hosting related services in Nepal. We provide industry best web hosting solutions both on Windows & Linux OS platform. We cater our services at cheap rates without compromising quality.

What is Windows & Linux hosting?

Hosting is generally available in two operating systems i.e. Linux and Windows. Like operating system in our day to day computers, OS is also installed on web servers to process the requests. However, these operating systems are specifically designed for hosting purposes. Linux is the most popular OS for web servers. Windows hosting is used when people need a windows specific programming to design the application. For example: ASP.net which is not supported by Linux.

Why choose Linux over Windows / Windows over Linux?

1) Linux is cheap: Since the Linux is a open source project, it doesn't cost you anything for installing linux on your computer. That is why Linux hosting is cheaper than windows hosting.

2) Linux is efficient, reliable & stable: Linux is more efficient, reliable & stable than windows hosting. That is why it is the most popular Operating System for web servers. About 70% of the servers worldwide run Linux on their system.

3) Windows fully supports ASP.net: If you want to run your web applications in ASP.net you are left with only option to use windows hosting. Windows fully supports ASP.net and MS SQL programs, while Linux doesn't. Hence, it that case you will have to use windows servers.

In summary, if you want hosting for wordpress, Content Management Systems, blogging platform, perl, ruby, php then Linux is the obvious choice. If you want to use ASP.net or MS Sql then windows hosting is the only option for you. And don't get confused, you don't need knowledge of Linux to use Linux based hosting. It really doesn't matter whatever OS platform you choose.

For more queries or inquiries on Linux or Windows hosting in Nepal, do contact us at Nepal Domain Hosting.